MoHERST, St. Petersburg State University to Foster Collaboration in Higher Education

The Deputy Permanent Secretary (Technical) of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology, Mr. Mucktarr M.Y Darboe on behalf of the Permanent Secretary, on Friday 3rd November 2023 received in audience a delegation from St Petersburg State University of Russia.

The purpose of the courtesy visit was to discuss possible ways of deepening the partnership between the Ministry and St. Petersburg State University on scholarship opportunities and other issues relating to Tertiary and Higher Education.

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, Ms. Anna (Njie) Semenova stated that as part of their visit was to discuss with the Ministry on the development of a framework agreement for both institutions, which will be anchored on the provision of scholarships and other development programs. She disclosed that, St Petersburg State University has 27000 students and provides 1000 open scholarships globally in different areas of discipline, and of these they have allocated 15 scholarship slots to The Gambia, but however, only 7 slots were utilized based on entry requirements and other admission processes.

In welcoming the delegation, the Deputy Permanent Secretary (Technical), Mr. Mucktarr M.Y Darboe thanked the Russian delegation for their timely visit. He assured them that the ministry will ensure that the Gambia utilizes the available scholarship slots for Gambian students to study in Russia on various fields of study. He thanked the Russian government for providing support to the government of the Gambia especially on higher education.

The Principal Research Officer, Mrs. Kumba Jammeh affirmed that MoHERST has benefited from bilateral scholarships agreement from Russia and will be ready to develop a framework agreement with St Petersburg State University based on mutual benefit between the Ministry and the University. She acknowledged that MoHERST is passionate about TVET and hands-on education and the Ministry would be delighted to get support in terms of scholarships in those areas specifically Engineering and Technology affiliated disciplines.

Also present at the meeting were senior management team members of the Ministry.