Visit to Mansakonko Skill Center

During his visit to Mansakonko Skill Center, the Minister of Higher Education and team were taken through different training blocks, and newly constructed student dormitories around the campus. Currently, the Skill Centre is offering programs in Solar, Welding and Compressed Stabilized Art Block.

On-going works by MRC-Holland include;

  1. The refurbishment of three (3) classrooms
  2. Four (4) new classrooms constructed
  3. Student accommodation

Hon. Prof. Gomez was impressed by the skill training activities of the Centre and level of works. He lauds the Centre management team on the ground and encouraged them to double up efforts. For the Hon. Minister, the youth need both theoretical and practical knowledge of the skills they are learning. Thus, he was pleased to see that at Mansakonko Skill Centre, students are channeling their innovative spirits by putting to practice knowledge learnt and making best use of their environment.

Notwithstanding, additional requests highlighted by the Centre manager include;

  1. Perimeter fence
  2. Staff quarters
  3. Two (2) additional workshops
  4. Equipment

Hon. Prof. Gomez assures that the Ministry will engage development partners and relevant stakeholders in supporting the requests of Mansakonko Skill Centre.