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Statistics on students under the ACE

Students benefitting from this on the long-term training:

This is a $3-million-dollar project aimed at training as many Gambians as possible, both for short term and long term, in order to build their capacity in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Health and Agriculture

In the first instance, 235 applicants were interviewed in six days, and the seventh day was allocated for a review and update of allocations in relation to available funds and programmes.

International Scholarships

Scholarships are available from the following:

  1. Japan (Research, Undergraduates, College of technology students, Professional),
  2. at the African Institute of Advanced Training (AIAT) in South Africa,
  3. Tropical Costal Marine Research (in Ecology, Biochemistry, Modeling Tropical Marine Systems aan more) offered by the NAM S&T Centre, and
  4. the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Contact the Ministry of Higher Education Research Science and Technology for more information.

Higher Education

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Science & Tech

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